Federation Workshop : Digital Art for FedCon!

FEDCON is coming and the art show this year will be full of some of the most fantastic images. Maybe you want to make one too but you have no idea how? Then Federation' s Digital Art Workshop is now open for registration!

This is what you get:

- your first design under the supervision of an experienced digital artist.
- understanding how the Digital Art is made and how you can use different software tools to bring your image to life.
- working with Adobe Photoshop (or Open Source equivalent), 3D Rendering tools (Daz3d and Bryce) and oil paint software (ArtRage).
- visit to a Frame and Matting specialist to see options on final production for your art piece.

This free, two day workshop is now open to Federation donators.

You need the following:

- Laptop computer (Windows operating system)
- Access to the internet for downloads
- a Facebook account for easy communication

The workshop will be limited to 6 people and will be given in English
Coffee and tea will be available, please bring your own lunch, snacks and sodas.

Bill & Ron' s Place, The Hague area (Address will be provided on registration)

Saturday 27 February 10:00-18:00
Saturday 17 April (times to be announced): including visit to Snapshot Imaging, Fred. Hendriklaan 81 2582BV Den Haag

You can register for this workshop by sending an E-mail to Stefan. Further information and guidelines will be given to you after you have been admitted.

We are looking forward to see you at this inspiring workshop. Please bring your dreams and visions!

This workshop is offered to the Federation by Bill and Stefan.
Geplaatst om 14:47u op 24/01/2010 door GaiusBaltar


stefan schreef:

come on people it will be fun!

26/01/2010 06:47u

MiVo schreef:

Ik zou best willen, maar 17 april ben ik in Duitsland.

26/01/2010 22:51u

Laserrangr schreef:

17 April is confirmed at 1100 at the shop. The owner is looking forward to see you all.

27/01/2010 15:16u

TPol schreef:

Sorry, but i can't be there as on both dates i have other obligations. Have fun ya'll

27/01/2010 17:54u

GaiusBaltar schreef:

Looks like its gonna be a very small and exclusive workshop...

27/01/2010 17:59u

libra schreef:

I'll be there. Do I need to acquire special software, because I don't have any on my laptop. Grtz.

27/01/2010 21:43u

stefan schreef:

the ones who register with me ( and after we have made a selection if neccesary )
i will send you a list of software you can get can get for free ore free trials.

27/01/2010 21:52u

Laserrangr schreef:

Oh, we got one... WE GOT ONE.. quick real them in..

Thats one... any more

28/01/2010 14:48u

Spacecowboy schreef:

Maybe we'll be there, I have to check my agenda.

03/02/2010 11:57u

Laserrangr schreef:

This weekend will be great. Looking forward to see you all there.

26/02/2010 10:39u

Laserrangr schreef:

Ok computer connected- check , Flip over setup - check, Coffee is brewing- check. Imagination is running wild - Check check and CHECK.

Come on over folks.

27/02/2010 09:00u

Laserrangr schreef:

Hi all,

We are progressing to the 17 APril appointment. So I suggest you let me know if you prefer to meet at the shop
(Snapshot Imaging, Fred. Hendriklaan 81 2582BV Den Haag) Or at 1015 at our house to go over together.

Parking is paid on the street and sometimes hard to get at this location so just give yourself time to start. We are set to begin arround 1100-1130 when we get everyone.

Till then.


15/04/2010 15:20u

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